Once you have installed Norton antivirus then it starts safeguarding your device from all types of malware be it trojan, virus or any other malware. If you don’t maintain it in a proper way or you forget to update it then it is obvious that it will not have Knowledge about the currently discovered malware and will allow those malware’s to enter your device. Hence, if you want to provide complete protection to your device then you will have to make sure that you update it time to time. If you have difficulty in updating the Norton, then you can take help from Norton support team. The updated version of Norton has many vital features with some different functionality. These features have the capability to boost up the functioning of the antivirus.

Before proceeding with the issues let us first understand what are the features of Norton. When Norton antivirus installed on any device then it provides minute protection with rapid pulse updates. If you find that you are not receiving the updates on time, then that means there is some problem with it. Norton safe web for Facebook and other social networking sites helps any user to scan the news feed. This features ultimately helps to prevent dangerous downloads and warns you about them. It blocks internet worms from entering your device hence protecting you from any malicious activity and ensures that your device is completely protected. Norton support team provides you a relevant solution when you find that you are unable to enjoy any of the features of the antivirus.

Norton Support Number

Another vital feature of Norton is that it turns off unnecessary startup programs for faster computer startup. Now let us discuss the steps by which you can update the Norton. In the first step you have to download the updater from the website then you follow the guidelines given there to update it. If you face any problem in the process, then you have to first of all exit all the programs and restart the computer. If then also you find that problem persists then you have to seek help from Norton support team who would provide you relevant support.

Many times, your problem could be solved just by uninstalling the antivirus and again installing it on the device. Now for uninstall Norton ,you have to again follow the steps of uninstall so that you can reach the desired results. Once you have uninstalled the antivirus you have to download the Norton, remove and reinstall tool. Then you need to save it to the windows desktop and if you feel that you are having trouble doing so then you can contact Norton support team by dialing our toll-free number. Finally, for updating the Norton you have to open the downloads windows in your browser and press ctrl + j key.  After that, you have to double-click on NRnR icon and then agree all the license agreement after reading it. You have to restart the computer once the process is completed.

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