When you find that due to various reasons Norton antivirus is not functioning properly then you can reinstall it and get rid of all the problems. Sometimes you may find that Norton is unable to detect some specific malware’s then that means you have to update it to the latest version so that the list of viruses recognized by Norton can be updated. In this article we are discussing the steps of reinstalling and updating the antivirus. If you have any doubt following the steps of these processes, then you must consult the team members of Norton support team who would help you to understand the steps in detail.

The process of reinstalling the Norton will remove and replace all the software with the new installation files. This is considered as one of the best way to solve all the issues that you face while using the Norton antivirus. You can directly reinstall it or you can first uninstall the Norton and then install it again. You can take help of Norton technical support team in that situation. For better functioning you have to upgrade your windows application before proceeding with the steps of uninstallation. Sometimes when Norton itself states that re-installation is required then reinstall icon appears. Just clicking on that icon will allow you to reinstall it. The help of Norton support team could be taken for understanding the steps in better way.

Once it gets uninstalled you may need to proceed with the steps to install it again. This will surely resolve your problem completely. You must always ensure that you activate Norton after it is installed properly in the device. At any step if you feel that you will need some help take it from the experts of our Norton support team. Sometimes the problem of Quick scan is resolved by the help of updating the antivirus. Keeping your antivirus updated to latest versions enables it to detect those malwares that were invented recently. This implies that the old versions may not recognize them as virus. If you are using an older version, that means you can get easily upgrade to latest version without paying any additional charges.

You must know the version that you are using before you proceed with the steps of upgrading it. In the right-hand corner, you can find the version number of your product. The first two numbers will tell you the version. Now for upgrading Norton you have to first of all, visit the official website of Norton, then you have to click under the name of your product to download the installation file.In the next step you need to run the downloaded file. This will automatically remove the older version of Norton from the device. After that you have to restart the computer and install the newer version following the steps mentioned there. Norton support team helps you by assisting you in these steps too. Further, you can seek help in some other problem that you come across while using the Norton antivirus.

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